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Anthony Pym is Distinguished Professor of Translation and Intercultural Studies and coordinator of the Intercultural Studies Group at the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, Spain. He is also President of the European Society for Translation Studies and Professor Extraordinary at Stellenbosch University.

Recent additions to this website:

Translation Solutions for Many Languages. Histories of a Flawed Dream London: Bloomsbury (2016)

Where Translation Studies Lost the Plot: Relations with Language Teaching (2016)

Getting it right, forever? Deconstructing a professional discourse on the role of translators (2016)

Merkel responds to Reem: What we should be training mediators for (2016)

West enters East: A strange case of unequal equivalences in Soviet translation theory, with Nune Ayvazyan (2015). With online discussion here.

Translating as risk management (2015)

Johnnies and Mehmets. Take two (2015)

Designing a course in Translation Studies to respond to students’ questions, with Esther Torres-Simón (2015)

Teorías contemporáneas de la traducción (free online book) (2012)

Exploring Translation Theories (book) (revised editon 2014)

Recent and upcoming events

Video course to accompany Exploring Translation Theories

On the founding of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)




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