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There is hardly a page that doesn’t have at least one photograph or other graphical illustration on it. [There may be no such page, I haven’t actually checked!]

Some pages are devoted especially to photographs, though there is some text explaining most of them. That’s what this page is all about. If you are looking for pictures related to a subject not covered here, look on my Home page for the topic you want (so buses are in the “Transport” block and galaxies are under “Astronomical Objects”). If it’s not there, sorry, I’m afraid you’ll have to try Google.

See also the Art Gallery and photos of hunky men.

But first let me introduce an old friend and colleague, George Gammer.

George Gammer – Photographer

I have selected just two from George’s collection of thousands and leave you to judge the quality of his work. His web-site is georgegammer.com.

“About me and my Work”

“I started taking photographs several decades ago when in my early teens and have never been able to stop since. The heavy expenditure of time, energy and money that serious photography requires have brought me more heartache than satisfaction, but it still seems magical and I see no alternative but to persevere.

“My hope has always been to produce photographs that stand as ends in themselves – not statements about issues or enquiries or windows on the world but things to look at rather than through.

“I have shown work in group exhibitions in galleries [including ArtsSway, Sway, Winchester Gallery, Winchester, and Forest Arts, New Milton, all in Hampshire, Photofusion, Brixton, London, and Fabric of the Land, University of Aberdeen] that are seriously dedicated to art but until recently I have not produced a sizeable, coherent body of work that I would wish to show the wider world.

“A person’s prior experiences inevitably affect how he or she feels about a work of art. This includes knowledge he or she might have about how the work was created. My pictures are made with a film camera and darkroom. What you see are the products of straightforward and well established techniques for silver-based photography.

“Images on a computer monitor are but ghostly intimations. In the case of the ones on this site, the tonal qualities of the original silver/gelatin prints are considerably degraded. Even more importantly, computer images have a very different presence – much diminished in my opinion – from a work mounted on a wall in a particular physical space.

“In other words, the print’s the thing.

“In a sense, this project is accidental.


George Gammer
Now and Then – Allmenalp

“My family and holiday photos – a visual diary going back nearly 60 years – comprise approximately 9000 35mm colour slides. Wondering if anyone might look at these pictures when I am no longer around to set up a projector and screen – and finding this rather too much of a chore myself nowadays – I scanned the lot.

“While processsing the results, I realised that some of these digitized slides succeed as independent black-and-white photographs: the arrangements of their shapes, tones, textures and so on create strong, self-sufficient objects as well as records of what was in front of the camera.”


George Gammer
Something and Nothing – Steel Washers

George quotes Gerhard Richter, the German visual artist:

“My pictures are devoid of objects; like objects, they are themselves objects. This means that they are devoid of content, significance or meaning, like objects or trees, animals, people or days, all of which are there without a reason, without a function and without a purpose. This is the quality that counts. (Even so, there are good and bad pictures.)”

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The Earth in Space

Satellite images of the Earth from space, the Northern and Southern Lights (Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis), some time-lapse images of the sky, and finally Star Trek Navigation(!)


Rock formations, waterfalls, volcanoes, lakes and a Danxia landform

Climate and Weather

Niagara Falls frozen, climate change, fog, clouds, storms, Britain snowed in, Thames in flood

Beautiful and Odd Nature

The Great Barrier Reef, Isle of Lamu, Abrolhos shelf (off Brazil), Nature Reserve in Haiti, Thor’s Well, Luminescence is Beautiful, Sunset from Inside a Wave, Caiman and Capybara (in Colombia), bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, orchids, curved trees, dandelion, and more insects

The Galápagos Islands

Giant tortoises, a blue-footed booby, sea lions, land and marine iguanas, birds (penguins, pelican, frigate bird), Sally Lightfoot crab, dolphins; volcanic island chains, collapsed volcanic caldera and cracked lava


Quelea, a rare albino humming-bird, birds of paradise, and many others

Cats and Dogs

Felines and canines of a domestic and a non-domestic nature


Deer, horses, pigs, sheep, giraffes, camels, lemurs, gorillas, rhinos, baboons, meerkats(?), bats, elephants, squirrels, armadillos, pandas, whales,...and [left] castellers from El Vendrell (well, humans are mammals too) and [immediately right] this apparently nine-legged hairy spider is in the correct category, “Mammals”

Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians

Fish, jelly-fish, sting rays, sea-horses, frogs, turtles, skinks, snakes


Weird and Wonderful Buildings, Skyscrapers, Restaurants, Crazy Buildings, and then some Even Crazier Buildings – How on Earth...? (see also London Buildings). There are no enlargements for the pictures of crazy buildings

London Buildings

Old and New Buildings in London (see more in the excellent London Visitors guide)

River Thames

A trip through central London on the River Thames from Tower Bridge to Chiswick

Roads, Bridges and Paths

Roads in San Francisco, Balham, twisty roads, Chinese and Korean bridges, “Gallopin’ Gertie”, huge traffic jam, challenging paths, Google Earth boobs

Last Moments

Only one shot left on the film in your camera; is this it?
Or is this the last thing you’ll ever do?

The BBC’s “Best of 2014”

The most stunning Space Pictures


Readers’ Pictures of the Year