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Response to "Invariance orientation: Identifying an object for translation studies". Translation Studies (2016). Download print version here.

Nineteenth-century discourses on translation in language teaching (2016)

Linguistics, translation and interpreting in foreign-language teaching contexts, with Nune Ayvazyan (2016)

Status and technology in the professionalization of translators. Market disorder and the return of hierarchy, with David Orrego-Carmona and Esther Torres-Simón (2016)

On the passage of transcendent messages: Johnnies and Mehmets (2015)

Translating as risk management (2015)

The medieval postmodern in Translation Studies (2014)

The case of the missing Russian translation theories (2014)

Translating between languages (2014) (draft handbook article)

Translation as an instrument for multilingual democracy (2013). Published version here.

Translation skill-sets in a machine-translation age. Meta 58(3) (2013). 487-503. DOI: 10.7202/1025047ar

What technology does to translating (2010)

The translator as non-author, and I am sorry about that (2010)

Translation theory as historical problem-solving (2010)

Western translation theories as responses to equivalence (2009)

On omission in simultaneous interpreting. Risk analysis of a hidden effort (2008)

Website localization (2009).Preparatory text for the Oxford Companion to Translation Studies

“Professional corpora”: teaching strategies for work with online documentation, translation memories and content management. Chinese Translators’ Journal (2008) 29:2. 41-45.

Translation and the philosophy of dialogue Neuphilologische Mitteilungen (Helsinki). 109 (2008): 1. 106-110.

Translation vs. Language Learning in International Institutions. Explaining the Diversity Paradox (2008; re-write of an old paper; for publication in Cultus)

Translation après coup. On why Translation Studies has a specific object (2007, revised 2008)

Discursive Persons and the Limits of Translation (1990, revised 2008)

On indeterminacy in translation. A survey of Western theories (2008)

On Toury's laws of how translators translate (draft, 2007)

On Shlesinger’s proposed equalizing universal for interpreting,  F. Pöchhacker, A. L. Jakobsen, and I. M. Mees, eds. Interpreting Studies and Beyond: A Tribute to Miriam Shlesinger. Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur Press, 2007. 175-190.

Translation technology as rupture in the philosophy of dialogue (conference paper, revised 2007)

Of green igloos, globalizing hierarchies, and Renaissance translatio (occasional text in memory of Virgilio Moya), 2006.

On History in Formal Conceptualizations of Translation (conference paper, 2006)

On historical epistemologies of Bible translating (draft, 2006)

Localization, training, and the threat of fragmentation (2006)

Localization: On its nature, virtues and dangers (2005)

Explaining explicitation (draft, 2005)

On the social and the cultural in Translation Studies (draft, 2005)

The translator as author: on two English Quijotes (2004)

A theory of cross-cultural communication (working draft, 2003)

Text and Risk in Translation (paper developed at several conferences, 2003-06)

Alternatives to Borders in Translation Theory (1993), now published in Susan Petrilli, ed, Translation Translation. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, 2003. 451-463.

Translational Ethics and Electronic Technologies (paper presented to the Union Latina conference, Lisbon, 2003).

Localization from the Perspective of Translation. Overlaps in the Digital Divide? (Paper presented to the SCALLA conference, Kathmandu, January 2004).

The Medieval Postmodern in Translation Studies (2004)

Olympic Translators, in Barcelona and Elsewhere (2003)

The Pragmatics of Translating Multilingual Texts (revised version of a paper first published in 1996)

What Localization Models Can Learn from Translation Theory (LISA Newsletter, May, 2003).

Translation Studies and Western Philosophy (working draft, December 2002)

On the closing of Language International (2002)

Localization and the humanization of technical discourse. Revising the Suppositions  (Written for the Third International FEDER.CEN.TR.I. Conference, Rimini, Italy, October 2002)

Localization and the Training of Linguistic Mediators for the Third Millennium (Talk presented to the conference ·The Challenges of Translation & Interpretation In the Third Millennium·, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, May 17, 2002)

Localization and the Dehumanization of Discourse (short piece, 2002)

Localization and Linguistics (paper presented to the SLE conference, August 2001)

Translation in International Institutions. Explaining the Diversity Paradox  (workshop paper presented to the SLE conference, August 2001)

Translation in International Organizations

On Method in Hispanic Translation History

Cara a cara. Info.Net-Translations (mes 12, diciembre 2000). Interview published in Spanish; English version is here (2000)

The European Union and Its Future Languages: Questions for Language Policies and Translation Theories (2000).

Localization and the Changing Role of Linguistics (2000)

Translating Linguistic Variation: Parody and the Creation of Authenticity (2000)

Interview (by Yvonne Lindqvist): Fem frågor till Anthony Pym (in Swedish) (2000)

On Cooperation (2000)

European Translation Studies, une science qui dérange, and Why Equivalence Needn't Be a Dirty Word (1995)

Two principles, one probable paradox and a humble suggestion, all concerning translation rates into various languages, particularly English (unpublished text, 1999). 

Open letter on hybrids and translation (unpublished text, 1996). 

Venuti's Visibility, Target 8/2 (1996), 165-177.

Note on a Repertoire for Seeing Cultures, Target 10/2 (1998). 357-361. 

Alternatives to Borders in Translation Theory (unpublished text, 1993) 

Doubts about Deconstruction as a General Theory of Translation, TradTerm (São Paulo) 2 (1995), 11-18. 

On the Translatability of Australian Aboriginal Myth (English rewrite of a text published in Catalan in Mites australians, Ed. Anthony Pym, Calaceite: Caminade, 1990, 37-48.)

Translating the Symbolic Olympics at Barcelona, Language and Literature Today. Proceedings of the XIXth Triennial Congress of the International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures, Ed. Neide de Faria, Brasilia: Universidade de Brasília, 1996, vol. 1, 363-372. 

Translation as a Transaction Cost, Meta 40/4 (1995), 594-605. (scanned version is here)

Transferre non semper necesse est, Quaderns. Revista de traducció 1 (1998), 88-93. 

Guiding the Invisible Hand (unpublished position paper, 1997) 

Performatives as a Key to Modes of Translational Discourse, Transferre necesse est... Current Issues in Translation Theory, Ed. Linga Klaudy et al., Szombathely: Pädagogische Hochschule Berzsenyi Dániel, 1993, 47-62. 

Limits and Frustrations of Discourse Analysis in Translation Theory, Fremdsprachen 2-3 (1991), 29-35. Revised version in Revista de Filología de la Universidad de La Laguna 11 (1992), 227-239. 

 Trujamanes (brief texts in Spanish on Hispanic translation history, published by the Centro Virtual Cervantes), 1999.

"Limits and Frustrations of Discourse Analysis in Translation Theory", Fremdsprachen 2-3 (1991), 29-35. Revised version in Revista de Filología de la Universidad de La Laguna 11 (1992), 227-239.

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