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University course on English sociolinguistics
(2006-09) - You Tube playlist here

Translation theory

Course on contemporary Western translation theories (Exploring Translation Theories) 2007-09

Interviews with translation scholars (2000-2009)

Process studies of translation (Experimenting on/with students), full version. Part 1: Deriving translation competencies from process research; Part 2: Four experiments on/with translation students (Facebook version).

Interview on Exploring Translation Theories (November 2008)

On the ethics of translators' interventions (2009)

Seminar on translation and technology (University of Western Sydney, 2010)

Lecture on the Translation Form (Nida School, May 21, 2012)

Lecture on Inculturation (winning hearts and minds) (Nida School, May 23, 2012)

Lecture on the Sociology of the Translation Profession in Europe (Nida School, May 25, 2012)

Research methodology

Introduction to research methodology (2006)

The future of research on translation and interpreting, 2009 (with Andrew Chesterman, Yves Gambier, Christine Schäffner)

Education theory

Humanism and anti-humanism in European university education (2008) - You Tube playlist here

European Masters in Translation. Possible contributions from research (2009) Last speaker in the panel.

More videos listed here.

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