The Bull of Grenada, 1486, issued by Innocent VII to Ferdinand and Isabella

(This allowed these monarchs claims to new land via the Reconquista. Serves as a precedent for New World Conquests)

Our chief concern and commission from heaven is the propagation of the orthodox faith, the increase of the Christian religion, the salvation of the barbarian nations, and the repression of infidels and their conversion to the faith. Hence it is that Catholic kings and princes, athletes of Christ and tireless warriors battling in that cause, never fail to find in us their deserved assistance and favor. For the more precarious that freely embraced combat for the sake of immortal God, the greater their insistence on diligent and expert pressing of the contest and the better they realize that, beyond the salvation of their souls, the Apostolic See grants them the most abundant recompense. This we gladly confer, and as a reward of their crusade make them rulers, guardians, and keepers of the lands they conquer and of the people their resident.

Text Quoted From: W. Eugene Shiels. King and Church: The rise and fall of the Patronato Real (Jesuit Studies; Chicago: Loyola Univ. Press, 1961) p. 9.

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