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Notes for translators (and other careful readers)

Machine translation and crowdsourcing - sections to be added to Chapter 7 on Localization

Descriptions - the intellectual background (contextualizing chapter 5 of the printed book, with input fom Jettmarová, Králová and others). Translated into Brazilian Portuguese here.

Traduire Exploring Translation Studies: une expérience dialogique. Sonia Corbeil, 2018. (French translation of the chapter on cultural translation)

Japanese version of Chapter 1 (translated by Kayoko Takeda)

Translator's introduction to the Japanese version

Teorías contemporáneas de la traducción.Comments and corrections are invited.

Errata to the 2010 English edition

Notes for translators (and other careful readers)

Interview with Gideon Toury

Interview with Itamar Even-Zohar

Interview with Andrew Chesterman

More interviews here


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