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Lecture materials

2022 June: 1) MT literacy, 2) MT for literary texts, 3) MT prejudices, 4) Post-editing, 5) Pre-editing (Venice Summer School)

2022 May: Empirical translation history: Tripping over Ukraine's Executed Renaissance (Slovakia)

2022 March: A defense of risk management (as a way of understanding what interpreters can do) (Wake Forest)

2022 February: Problem-solving in translation studies (and anything else in the humanities) (Singapore)

2021 November: Reflexive empiricism in translation studies (Latin America), Video here

2021 November: Translation fast and slow (Queensland) Video here

2021 October: The name of God in Central Australia (Stellenbosch)

2021July: Needs analysis / Translation technology / Risk management (Translator Training Summer School, Sochi)

2021 June: Language-service provision to immigrant communities. The Australian experience (Seoul) Video here

2021 June: When trust is more important than having paid interpreters (NPIT5, Amsterdam)

2021 April: BFSU: 1. Equivalence. A tentative history. 2. Theories of purpose. 3. Descriptive Translation Studies: A call for reflexive empiricism. 4. Doubt and cooperation. 5. Localization: From reception to conversation. 6. Cultural translation and the European invasion of Australia

2021 March: Machine translation and creativity (Bologna)

2020 September: Translator ethics: From cooperation to risk and trust (HKBU). Answers to questions / video here

2020 September: The translation market, technology, and selling trustworthiness (BLCU). Video here.

2020 August: Why do most translation students not have jobs as translators? (WITTA) Video here

2019 November: Trust-based translation history (Montreal) / Why are there still so many translators? (Concordia) / À qui s'adresse le traducteur (littéraire)? (VocUM)

2019 September: Workshop on doctoral supervision Part 1. Part 2. Personification (Stellenbosch).

2019 September: How neural machine translation might change the work of translators (Perth) Masterclass on translation technologies (UWA)

2019 August: How neural machine translation might change the work of translators; Risk management; Trust (Kuala Lumpur)

2019 July: On understanding China through translation/ Trust and risk in translation acts (Venice)

2019 April : 1. What happens when everyone can translate? / 2. Challenges to equivalence in basic translation theory / 3. Skopos and risk / 4. Descriptive translation studies, norms and cognition / 5. Uncertainty and the translator's personality / 6. Localization / 7. Translation as event / Machado translation / BR1 / BR2 / eminem (Beijing) (First Beijing lecture here.)

2018 November. Will machine translation help us enjoy languages? (Winterthur)

2018 November. The potential and limits of working with machine translation (Zurich)

2018 November. Who says who interprets? (ISIT, Paris)

2018 April. How general is translation? (University of Kentucky)

2018 April: Trust and hubris in foreign-affairs translation. (Georgetown)

2018 March: The Catalan independence movement. (3AU Melbourne)

2018 March: How newness enters translation research (Monash)

2018 March: Universal languages. Video of bees (Melbourne)

2018 February: How to use translation when teaching an additional language. Ayvazyan thesis. Artar theses. EU report (Melbourne)

2017 Novermber: Rebranding translation (Adelaide)

2017 November: Mediation choice as performative language policy (Ottawa)

2017 August: Translators do more than translate (FIT Brisbane)

2017 June (Kraków): 1) How to teach translation technologies, 2) An experiment in teaching translation technologies, 3) Acne text, 4) Teaching subtitling.

2017 February-April: Foundations of Translation: 1) Translation knowledge, 2) In and out of equivalence, 3) Translation professions, 4) Translation solutions, 5) Translator ethics, 6) translation markets, 7) theories and presuppositions, 8) postediting, 9) postediting experiment, 12) terminology. (Melbourne)

2017 April: Literacy as an aim for translation (Auckland); Multilingual paradise (Auckland)

2016 November: For a sociology of translator training (Guangzhou)

2016 November: How to train translators in a world of change / The multilingual practicum class (ATA,San Francisco)

2016 July: Theory and Practice in Professional EMT Masters (Barcelona)

2016 June: Modes of Erlebnis within translation knowledge (Köln)

2016 May: Is cultural distance a factor in the training of translators? / Building multilingual paradise / Johnnies and Mehmets (Melbourne)

2016 April: The roles of translation in language policy (Stellenbosch)

2016 April: On communicative translation (Banská Bystrica)

2016 April: Translation and response (Merkel streichelt) (Budapest)

2016 March: For pedagogical experiments (Kraków)

2015 December: Where Translation Studies lost the plot (Rikkyo University, Tokyo)

2015 December: Keeping up with translation technologies: a call for experimental pedagogies (CIPG Beijing)

2015 August. Print and modernity in translation ideologies (Melbourne)

2015 July: Translation for all. PPT with films

2015 June: Breaking binarisms. On translating as risk management (presentation film; evaluation film; TJ film) (Taiwan)

2015 May. Teaching risk management to translators (2004 version)

2015 May: Transcendence and translation (Seoul)

2014 September: Advances in cognitive research. TJ film (MP4), TJ film (WMV)

2014 September: Inculturation and its alternatives.

2014 June: Granada: Dangers in hypothesis formation / Models in translation history / Research designs / Cognitive research on translation processes / A spirited defense of empiricism

2014 June: Translation laws and universals as signals of risk-aversion (see video here)

2014 May: Event and the history of interpreting

2014 March: Translation solutions for many languages (Stellenbosch)

2013 December: Translator ethics and new technologies

2013 July: On inculturation, and Cognitive research on translation processes (Northwestern, China)

2012 November: On radical asymmetry (Kent State)

2012 May: Winning hearts and minds / The translation form / The sociology of status (Nida School Misano)

2012 January: Translators' skill sets in a machine-translation age: TM translation film / GTT film / presentation film / TM for Mac / GTT for Mac (Taipei)

2011 April: Democratizing technologies. The role of humanistic research (Rome)

Theory course at Beijing Foreign Studies University (May-June 2010)

May 17: What happened to equivalence?

May 21: What happened to Skopostheorie? / TJ source text / TJ screen recording / TJ protocol / TJ presentation / TJ clients

May 24: Precedents for a sociology of translators / Even-Zohar / Jared Diamond / Bourdieu on publishers / Bourdieu on capitals

May 28: Technology and the translation profession / DejaVu / Wordfast / GTT clip / Google TT / Wordfast Anywhere / BB Flashback Express

May 31: Translaton and cognition: Contributions from process studies / eye-tracking film (stolen from Arnt Jakobsen) / Galeo text / Künzli's study

June 2: Communicative humanism and new technologies: possible futures for translation / Abstract / DVX film

June 8: From deconstruction to cultural translation

June 11: Intervention as a new ethics for new forms of translation? / Specification for Translation Service / 翻译服务规范第1部分笔译 / ATA code of ethics / Ethics for interpreters around the world

June 12: Translation as risk-management / Text on risk management / Text on Kodak example / Summary of the seminars

2010 June. Cognition and technology in Translation Studies / What technology does to communication (Tianjin)

2010 December: Sociologies of translation (Stellenbosch)

2010 November: A history of translation (Stellenbosch)

2010 August: Action research and professional ideology in Translation Studies (Leuven)

2010 July: Technology and the translation profession (Sydney)

2010 July: Process studies and translation technologies (Sydney)

2010 July: On Don Quijote in English (Cervantes Institute Sydney)

2010 July: Technology and the future of the translation professions (Kuala Lumpur)

2009 December: Against professionalism (and for a sociology of human interaction) (Joensuu)

2006 April: Intercultural e-learning (Padua)

2006 March: Translation as risk management (Montreal)

2006: Translation vs. localization (Copenhagen)

2006: Risk management in cross-cultural communication (Brussels)

2003 May: A non-Lockean approach to translation (University of Queensland)

2003 March: The role of intercultures (Monish, Auckland)

2005 February: Risk analysis in translation processes (Bergen)

2002 September: New approaches to translation history (Prague)


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