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Since I don't have the resources to set up my own mailing list, I've used the services of a company,, that offers its service free of charge and it includes advertising in every message distributed through the list in exchange.

The list is a forum where anyone can send messages that get distributed to everybody who has subscribed to it, and are archived in some web pages. You can access the list either by web or by e-mail.

Here's the list description:

Discussion list on the UOC ( computer requirements This internet based university forces its students to use Intel compatible PCs, MS Windows 95 or 98, Ms Office and Netscape Navigator. Is it fair?. Is it useful?. Does it help teaching?. Can it be avoided?. There is a point of view on it at This list aims at gathering more opinions, talk about it and spread information related to this subject.

 The point is not whether the chosen products are better or worse than other, but the fact that certain products are required.


You can go to the list homepage at to access it via web, or you can subscribe to it with the form above, or sending mail to You can unsubscribe sending mail to I've written some more tips in Catalan, but I don't have time to translate it. Anyway, the egroups pages include help and information in English, so I don't really think you need much more guidance. If you still have doubts after reading their help, or need some action done by the egroup manager, please drop me a note. Or maybe you should ask them directly, since I don't know so much about their service anyway.


Please be polite when you use the list, i.e. don't annoy anybody and write about topics relevant to the description above.

You may want to read some pages on nettiquete (good maners with e-mail) if you never have. See


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