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Log of Changes to these pages

September the 8th, 2000

I added the story of my mail with the Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya and a front page for the web.

I changed all the pages to link to the front page instead of linking to every other page. This is easier to mantain (hopefully). These changes affect only the Catalan version, the rest are unchanged.

December the 23rd, 1998

I added a page on the obrimuoc forum, dedicated to the debate on the UOC requirements
I set up "stubs" in place of the pages I haven't translated yet. I am sorry for the inconvenience of downloading a page that just says it isn't translated yet, but I thought it was better this way that the way I did it before (the pages in a language included links to other pages in the site only if they were translated to that language).
I added a couple of links to the interesting links page.

November, the 24th, 1998

I added an interesting links page (in Catalan).

October the 13rd, 1998

I've changed the paragraphs with the UOC e-mail addresses in order to separate the UOC  general address (, whose purpose is to answer inquiries from the UOC rector address ( ) and mine (, where you can send your opinion.

October the 9th, 1998

The translation to Spanish of the model of complaint message to the UOC is finished

September the 24th, 1998

Model of complaint message to the UOC available in Catalan and English

September the 1st, 1998 (or somewhat later, I don't remember)

First publication of these pages (Manifesto and promotional message)