These are some circuits and archives that you sent me and aren't based on my designs, or they haven't a clear place in the Web, reason why I want to thank for your collaboration.

These circuits have been sent by their authors and not necessarily I have personally tested. All the documentation is available at the attached files.

Command Station
All in One (NanoX-S88 + GenLI)
F. Seller

The command station NanoX-S88 and the interface GenLI in one PCB (100x160mm)

NanoX-S88 + CDE
Kenny Kuan

The command station NanoX-S88 with CDE and DIN5 connector

Dragos Condruz

NanoX 'brain' with Roco 'muscle' !

NanoX + options
Jindra Fucik

New PCB for NanoX-S88 command station with more options: 4A output, E input (CDE), connector BoosterDisplay,...

NanoX-S88 for G escale
Clément Kammler

New PCB for NanoX-S88 command station for big scales IIm/G with BTS7960B output stage

IR throttle for DCC_Gen
Josef Panzer

Infrared throttle for DCC_Gen command station with ATmega-8

MiniMaus 20 keys

Minimaus version with rotary encoder and 20 keys for direct access to F1..F12 functions

Norman Halland

Minimaus version with rotary encoder

Simplemaus for panel
Jindra Fucik

Simplemaus version to mount in a control panel

Diode board for XbusTCO
Bernard Guillotin

Stackable diode board for XbusTCO

Dacrail Booster
Dragos Condruz

Booster based on NMRAF8 but with L6203 on final stage. It can deliver up to 5A and is overcurrent or shortcircuit protected.

Accessory Decoder
Slow motion decoder

Slow motion decoder (Lemaco, Fulgurex, Hoffman,...) based on ACC6 from MERG

Point motor decoder
Manuel Lillo

Point motor Decoder (Tortoise, Tillig,...) uses the accesory decoder software

4 servo decoder enhancement
Jindra Fucik

Enhancement of 4 servo decoder software with separate stop positions and working changes

Haakon Hansen

Circuit for 2 servos with 2 reles for turnouts

S88N + detectors
Daniele Pulcini

New design of the S88 by Salus with S88N plugs

GenLI-S88N and S88N with detectors
Rob van Eldijk

GenLI-S88 with S88N conectors and S88-N module with occupancy detectors

Kalle Marks

RS2PC with USB

Reverse loop
Alberto Cavia

Reverse loop module for DCC

DCC and analog reverse loop

Analog and DCC reverse loop module without shortcircuit

Detection & Stop

Smooth stop on semaphores with direction of travel detection for 4 zones in digital

USB for DCC_Gen command station
J. L. Aries

Conversion of the RS232 port into USB for DCC_Gen command station

Android App for DCC_Gen command station with Bluetooth
Antonio Moreno

Android App for DCC_Gen command station with Bluetooth interface

Dragos Condruz

Wagon to measure speed, travel time and distance as the Marklin Messwagen 49960