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The "Carta de poblament" (letter of population) or "carta pobla" was a "privilege" (legal form which confered a beneficial treatment for an individual or for a population for the remaining common laws) to obtain the repopulation of certain uninhabited or sparsely populated areas, but wiyh an economic or strategic interest.

In the "Carta de poblament" setting out the obligations that had the new settlers on the Lord, especially as regards census, misuse or monopolies. Very often set out certain exemptions or certain legal privileges, in order to facilitate the establishment in the place.

After the conquest and repopulate the "Catalunya Nova" was granted many letters, designed to repopulate the newly occupied populations.

Scala Dei Monastery gave this document to thirty people in the farm Torroja, giving them the right to settle in this place.
The letter will also specify the obligations of the people and privileges: they had to pay taxes, where they should graze radishes, and that was to be planted on the land ....
Also sought to secure the borders and religion.
This document reflects the birth of the municipality.
It was in july, 1261.

For this reason, during the months of July and August 2011, held various activities to commemorate this 750th anniversary.