Vilallonga del Camp


Village situated at the margin of Glorieta river in the middle of Camp de Tarragona. Geographical situation is 4116' North latitude and 1 17' East latitude, practically in the middle of the triangle formed by the Comarcal capitals: Tarragona, Reus and Valls at 104 mts. Over the sea level. The site extension is 9,23 kms2. The population is 1212 habitants and its main activity is agriculture (hazelnut). In the last years there has been an increase in the secondary sector, thank to the proximity of the petrochemical poligon. Some interesting places are: L'Esglesia Parroquial, (with great proportions), Ermita de la mare de Du del Roser (with valuables pictures from XVIth century) and the entrance Portal of the old defence wall One of the most famous sons of Vilallonga was the famous surgeon Pere Virgili ( 1699-1776 ) founder of the School of Cirurgy of Cadiz (1748) and Barcelona (1764)

Panoramic view

Mr. Pere Virgili

The defence wall Portal