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Ramon Gine


The person offering this page to you is someone named Ramon Giné, who has dedicated the last 80 years, more or less, to do this:

1920 - It is said that he was born in Sarral (Conca de Barberà) on May the 29th.

1925 - As he was brought up in a family addicted to hyeroglyphics, numeric logogryphs, vowel fugues and many other mental puzzles from the magazine EN PATUFET, just as soon as he was able to read, he knew that "MARGARITA TIRA GRAM" ("Margarita throws wheat") was something which could be read from left to right or from right to left, though he didn't know that was a

1960 - Once married and with three children, he comes out from Sarral and settles down in
Vilallonga del Camp (Tarragonès) ,whose Town Hall nominates him Secretary. He still lives there nowadays.

1975 - On January the 14th, while he was waiting for a hair cut in a Mexico DF hairdresser, he found out a magazine in which central pages were written 19 sentencies in Spanish. He wrote them down and took them back home. He kept them on a curiosity file and was lead to the conclusion that they aren't a casuality and it wouldn't be too difficult to create some ones like them

1976 and following - Step by step, he kept on making some of them, in Catalan and Spanish.

1982 - The Mexican newspaper EXCELSIOR publishes the first spanish phrases, in a column written by Otto Raul González.

1987 - Published his own production in catalan in the local newspaper of Sarral EL BALUARD from which he is an habitual colaborator...

1987 - In the organization Mensa in Barcelona, is created a Club Palindr•mic Internacional (International Palindromic Club), presidated by Josep Maria Albaigès i Olivart.

1988 and following - I realised about the existence of C.P.I. I contact with them I associated them and I was given the task to write the trimestral bulletin
SEMAGAMES. I had the ocassion to contact with palindrome's fans around the world and my personal collection was increased with cap-i-cues in a way I could had never imagined. I was gently offered personal files with one, two, three, four and five thousand phrases. I have more than 25.000 cap-i-cues. I have published plenty of works wich have not been sold but delivered as a suplement of SEMAGAMES between the suscriptors: Diccionari de palíndroms (paraules soles). Paraules bifronts - La vuelta al mundo en 4.004 palíndromos, 3.177 frases en espanyol, and i have just published 6229 FRASES CATALANES

1996 - A report by the journalist Antònia Justícia in Diari de Tarragona November the 12th and sumarized by Agència EFE spreads all over unexpected places my dedication and have the occasion to popularizate the palindromic occupation in talk shows in TV3, TVE and a great number of radio stations.

1998 - One of my sons, who controls computers much better than me, has joined to the Internet. He insisted me to follow him. Thank you very much for reading me.

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