All this text has been printed inside the cosmic rideīs booklet , can you imagine my face when I was reading it?

  • This is what I feel about jamiroquai

    WoooooooooW!! It's another dimension!, jamiroquai is different to everything I had listen before, Jamiroquai is the definitive funk band of the moment and for the rest of time.(I hope)

    The first time I listen something of them was in summer 1993, It was too young to die, and automatically I said: Hey you what's this, Sounds like...... I don't know, Hey, my feet, are movnī ! can't stop them! I must buy this record!.

    Once I went to a music shop in Barcelona and I saw something,(tytd maxi) It was Jay Kay behind crosses and buffalo men callinī me :" hey boy, buy this, you won't repent it", and I did it, I had the 4 pounds (1000 pesetas) and I bought it. When I played it two days later, my feet again began to move, and I realised that this was the sound that I always had been searching.

    I must have listened times the three versions of the vinyl one billion and it's stripped!!. After that appeared on TV a new video: Space cowboy, till the moment I had never seen the band at complete, just on the little photo there's on the single. Man, hen I saw the clip for the first time, I was chilled of shivering, God! look at that guy, what a way of dancing! and this other guy (Stu) with a warwick streamer stage one with eight strings!! and that room with no door, look! jay leaves from a column! look! tree jay kays! . Soon I bought the cd . Since that I'm crazy!!!! You can see it!

    Here in Spain Jamiroquai is not so famous as in the rest of Europe, and sometimes Itīs difficult to find many things of them, but this fact, plus that I don't know anybody in my town as hooked up as me with them, makes me feel special and original. And you? is it the same?

    Edu Moratinos mail-me!

    The return....