I know you won't read it (please God do it!) but I would want to thank you in name of all the crazy kids like me, Žcose every time your music sounds, our faces change and we start movinŽ and moving without travel!

    Please never change your way of doinŽ music, you're my unique fuel, in this world of brit pop, grunge, indie, trash ..........shit, and shit

    .All the words I say are not enough to express what I feel. Thank you again and again...

  • JAY and TOBY: The thinking minds, the creators, thanks, Toby, I want again the vibes you played before...!jay=Miles Toby=BudpowellHerbiehancock

  • DERRICK:The most versatile, always at the back the rhythm, the jazz. Thank you. Derrick=Roy Haynes

  • WALLIS: You are the salt nŽ pepper in the concerts man, all my respect and admiration for your country.Wallis=...Is there any jazzman who play didjeridoo?

  • SIMON:Hey I don't know you man, Simon=Garfunkel ,no, no,=Wes


    Man, you are the wizard of the 4 strings! I had never heard anybody playing the bass the way you do. Thanks you I realised that playing bass is what I most want to do. I know IŽll never get your level. Master, you're like my light in night, I think your sound is the characteristic sound of jamiroquai.

    OH OH , Stuart, What did you do to your streamer in the Ray Cookes show? It was sawed down the neck!! Hey boy! if you don't want it , give it to me! IŽll never have one of these!.

    Does anybody know this genious e-mail?

    Edu Moratinos mail me!
    The return....