first read this, please:

Have you got good ears? Are you a few bored with your jamiroquai records? this is īcose you havenīt heard it deeply!!! Someday I decided to try to undrestand jamiroquai music, why I lke it so much? so hearing with care the songs I discovered some sounds that, I had never heard!!!

Letīs see, put you CD on the cd-player, take your headphones (like diadem better) , pump up the volume with care, (itīs no necessary to feel pain!) ,put trebble on high position, and low frequencies (bass) at the middle position.

Ok, now youīre ready to discover a lot of new sounds that some of you had never heard. The jamiroquai instrumental abundance is so big, that sometimes itīs dificult to know how many instruments are playing in a certain moment.

If these secret sounds are there , its because they wanted that were there, isnīt it? so, letīs try to find them!!!

Letters L R and C mean the chanel side where this sound will appear. L=left R=right C=centre, both

Emergency on planet earth

When you gonna learn
  • L 00:21 a little bell or a glass cup beated with a spoon
  • C 00:16 after the didjeridoo intro, apear a chelo and a viola some seconds, ok, if you pay attention, the vilola keeps sounding weakly.
  • C Some moments thereīs a weak flute, try at: 3:04
  • Too young to die
  • L 00:21 Itīs curious, again itīs a similar little bell as before, repeats every 10s
  • Hooked up
  • R 01:46 thereīs something like a maraca
  • L 01:54 an scratch saying I hope,"figh fight fighting"?
  • next, Jay voice has a bit of reverb
  • L 03:43 scratch "party, party"
  • L 04:08 scratch "party party like this"
  • If I like it I just do it
  • A part of the wah guitar therīs an accoustic one.
  • C 01:03 and 02:12 percussion effect, This kind if little hooked tubes , you know?
  • C 02:30 and 02:45 Thereīs a loud scratch you all can hear it, but thereīs a second one at the same time , really weak.
  • music of the mind
  • L 02:03 An out of tune piano?
  • C 02:23 As the bass line is very fast, you can hear the Stuartīs left-hand fingers friction with the bass strings!!
  • L 03:44 típical Barzilian carnival sound, like a monkey, hu hu.
  • not a secret, The full of percussion sounds at the end.
  • Emergency on planet earth
  • The best for me, just at the beguinning thereīs a MORSE code!!!! emergency?
  • The rithmical guitar on the right keeps sounding
  • R 02:15 some congas
  • 03:00 The MORSE again, what does it mean? (Ian Kaplan told me itīs S.O.S!!)
  • What ever it is I just canīt stop
  • 00:20 One of the bests, look at the right vibes and the left guitar, they are having a conversation!!! oh itīs so nice!!
  • LCR1:00 three guitars!!
  • Blow your mind
  • Thereīs a cosmic vibe behind the main melody, some kin of whistle
  • 03:21 JK and the sordino trumpet singing at the same time, yea itīs not a secret but itīs so good!!
  • 05:14 clappings?
  • Revolution 1996
  • Had you realised on the long beats on the dish at the start? hope you understand this!
  • R 03:34 looks like a distortioned flute?
  • the soloist flute keeps soundig at the right with short tunes
  • R 06:53 a saxo
  • 07:35 a 07:38 JK ays: "come on come on.."
  • L 07:46 Really Weak trumpet

  • Canīt hear all this things? sorry boy/girl I swear I do!!

    If you find some more "secrets" tell me please.

    The Return Of The Space Cowboy

    Just Another Story
  • C 02:23 Something goes with the organ, perhaps the sound of the organīs valves? iīve never seen a Rodhes!! or a Hammond
  • C 2:57 Jay hums "just another story"
  • L 3:40 3:44 An scratch.
  • C 4:55 is it an scream?
  • R 6:04 I can hear a voice, seems to be an scratch
  • Stillness In Time
  • On the right thereīs a vibe that seems a duck!
  • 00:52 sleigh bells , remember the tune!
  • 02:32 Still remember the tune? Jay does the bellīs same tune with bugs bunny voice
  • Just at the end thereīs a rare whistle
  • Half The Man
  • L 00:48 a wah guitar repeating
  • 02:45 the same as before but with an acoustic guitar
  • CR 03:07 Another acoustic guit , but diferent tune.
  • Light Years
  • C 00:19 Jay says "can you dig it?" (thanks Paul Cristofoli)
  • C 00:21 0:27 there are three jays singing , one of them sings in a very high pitch
  • 00:46 Thereīs on the right some kind of scream: "arrrrrrg" that could be a guitar, but on the left I can hear a human one
  • 02:34 in the background thereīs a weak voice repeating it-self
  • L 03:33 Sounds a vibe that seems to be out of tune , can you hear it?
  • R 04:18 ga ga ga got it!! Who is it?
  • L 04:47 This seems a bycicle pinion!!!
  • Nice one, at the end JK Keeps singing or talking , pump up the volume he says: "you undrestand? light years away from WHO I AM" is it clear?
  • Manifest Destiny
  • R 00:43 not distortioned elec guitar
  • 03:33-4:12 Had you heard this beautiful piano? the right ríthmic guitar keeps playing
  • The kids
  • R 00:11 the tambourine
  • C 01:16 clapping
  • L 01:10 scratches
  • 02:43 Jay moves away from the micro and he or another makes a high-pitch scream
  • L 04:13 an scratch?
  • C 04:28 clappings!!
  • C 04:30 Check it out, cose there are some nice violins there
  • 02:34 in The background a weak voice repeating it-self.
  • Mr Moon
  • L 00:59 Cosmic vibe, like a fazer bean, or a teletransportation
  • Scam
  • L 00:16 a constant rithmical guitar
  • Journey To Arnhemland
  • 00:19 y 2:55 this kind of bamboo filled with seeds, that sound like raining, you know?
  • 02:21 the horns have reverb
  • 05:16 light Wallis breathing, very short
  • 05:18 the Wallis final breathing, longer than before, you got to pump up the volume
  • Morning glory
  • 00:48 Thereīs a cowbell you all can hear it, but if you use headphones , itīs 3D!! this goes around you head, cool!!
  • A part of the Harp thereīs an spanish guitar, try at 4:17
  • 05:12 Again the 3D cowbell
  • The percussion sounds at the end , like birds, are also 3D.
  • Space Cowboy
  • The beginning vibe does a pan effect, right to left and so.
  • 03:54 Jay kayīs howls in the back I culdnīt hear it without headphones

  • Notes:

    As my english is poor, There are some instruments that, I donīt know how to call them, sorry, I hope you all understand me.

    When I write "scratch", I mean that the sound comes from a Dj turntable or itīs a sample.

    There are some sounds that most of you Knew yet, but some others are hard to discover, I hope it will be an interesting section.

    Brittany Young discovered these new secret sounds, I know that some of them are not much secret but sheīs done a great job!!

    the return of the space cowboy

    Stillness In Time
  • 1:31 sound goes from L to R in blinking pattern
  • 4:29 JK's voice becomes very deep at the end.
  • Half the man
  • :17 theres a sound that sounds like ''shhhhhhhh"
  • 2:55 an organ plays.
  • Light years
  • :10 theres a kind of scraping sound
  • 1:08 theres a rumbleing sound
  • 1:33 Jay says "Oh right on!"
  • 5:23 they say do it again repededly
  • Manifest destiniy
  • 6:08 theres a small bell ringing.
  • The kids
  • 2:58 a screech
  • Mr moon
  • 2:20 another Jay keeps saying "Play my tune"
  • Scam
  • :57 a screech
  • 2:45 a wah guitar
  • 3:43 bass
  • 3:52 a lazer noise
  • 4:44 Jay says "Right on!!!"
  • Morning Glory
  • 5:11 after ringing noise the ring echos.
  • Just Another Story (USA live version)
  • 2:09 Jay says "to the bone" in the back round
  • these secret sounds are from Traveling Without moving :

    Virtual insanity
  • :01 - :19 rumbling noise
  • everytime a lyric has been said you can hear Jay breathe !!!!!!
  • 1:45 violins!!!!
  • 2:30 voices in the back round go ""ahhhhhh"
  • 4:06 clicking noise in backround
  • 5:07 a faint voice in the back seems to be saying "Anybody "
  • Cosmic Girl
  • :01 - :16 UFO noises!!!!
  • 1:00 bass
  • 1:15 the backround singers say "wha wha wha wha wha "
  • 2:30 very quiet voices saying sends me in to hyper space when I see her pretty face before Jay starts singing it with them
  • at the very end theres 3 Jays singing " my wannabe " in the backround
  • Use the force
  • 1:17 Jay says "Yeah " in the back
  • 1:26 4 Jays say "Use the force" really cool!!!
  • 2:58 Jay says yeah and it echoes.
  • Alright
  • :46 I need you love" :46 and on the beginng of aliright is even better when it's on the head phones!!!!!!
  • 1:05 rain noise
  • 3:00 the best groove part in the song!!!!
  • 3:25 Jay says " need your love "
  • Drifting Along
  • panting noise through out
  • :27 Jays voce cracks
  • 1:00 someone says "Yeah" quietly
  • 1:52 someone says "sweet song''
  • 3 jays !!AT 3:25
  • Traveling without moving
  • :02 Diablo SE30!!!
  • :44 Jay says " get down right on!!''
  • 1:08 jay makes mumbling noise
  • 2:27 scratch!!!
  • 2:40 3 jays
  • 2:52 jay laughs
  • You are my love
  • :33 wha guitar
  • 1:00 UFO noise
  • ok I hope you find these secret sound interesting they took 2 hours to find!!! major jamiroquai fan!!!! , cosmicgrrl

    Edu Moratinos mail-me!

    The return....