• ŋWhat do I feel with their music?

    Every time they sound it's like an automatic connection, my attitude changes, I feel happy, nothinī makes me change faster than thenm, nothinī makes me more happy than their music so fastly.

  • The three albums:

    You all know they have three official records , but my favourite is The return of the space cowboy It's for me, the best of all with difference, It's the critic's nightmare, can anybody bring an stylistical label to this album? I doubt it, Look at that: whe have: the semi-hip-hop of light years the bossa of Stillnes in time the soul of Half the man ,the jazzy Space cowboy? the funk of Mr moon, the anger of The kids the funky disco on Scam the andean rhythm of Space clav the oriental morning glory and the great symphony that is Just Another Story Every time I hear it I find a new instrument! an this mind blowing flute solos? oooh! It's so powerful.

    I love the atmospheric vibes that Toby flows on the songs and the bass soloist based songs, specially manifest destiny , oh, itīs amazing!

    Emergency on planet earth Is for me, the second best record on the earth, Itīs an albumb that iīm always rediscovering, every time sounds better for me, Iīm still wondering how can it be the first musical experience of a band. Too young to die, When you gonna learn and blow your mind are three of the best songs they've ever done, specially Too young to die .

    Travelling without moving Is really genial and attendig to the votes in the funkinī site, is the most preferred, Jay says that is what they wanted on the first album but specially working the rhythmical section. Iīm a bit confussed on this, because I think that emergency is almost two times better than TWM, perhaps , itīs a marketing comment from JK. It's for me the best for dance, is pure funk, perhaps less original and atmospheric than The return of the space cowboy but more accessible to " normal" people. In the other two lpīs there are lots of details (check out secret sounds) that I canīt find inside this one, but I undrestand that change is life, and they have tryed to change theyr sound a little bit, probably theyīll return to sound as before (I HOPE!!!) .Itīs not the third best record on the world (for me)

  • Hey! I really recommend you those singles with new songs as goods as the others!!

    Edu Moratinos mail-me!

    The return....