• The appearance and attitude of the band

    Wasn't the spectrum and the attitude of the band one of the first things that called your attention? The simple fact of seeing Jay Kay in movement really blows my mind, the effect that their music produces on me, grows massively. And those so original, special video-clips? You see one of them, and the ones of another bands are just mediocre!! Oh look ! I'm sure that the walls and the roof are what is moving in the virtual insanity clip, look at the roof girders , they move!! its because the camera is fixed to the roof and when all the room gets moving, the cam shakes. I think also that if the floor would be what is moving, Jay should lose the balance .Well I'm not sure about that. I'm never sure with him!!!

  • Eccologism and good stuff

    The ecologism is another of the aspects of jamiroquai that is attractive for me. It's true that in the last album it has loosed magnitude , but they can't always being saying the same!! It should be boring. There's some people saying that Jay Kay is not ecologist because he drives expensive sport cars, but, Which is the difference between driving a Ferrari and a mini cooper? both pollute!! . As he says: A greenpeace delegate will fly to Australia burning tons of fuel. FORZA FERRARI!!!

    Have you seen the booklets of the cd´s ? they thank to so many people!! They seem nice guys , just see them in television , like MTV , they joke and have fun, smile on face, not like other bands who seem snappy ones ,no smile on their faces, an hostile attitude.

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