• What do I feel seeing them live?

    Listen their music in a live concert or in a live recording is a rewarding experience. the songs sound even better, but in a different way, not like other bands who make you feel disappointed because the live song is just a shit compared with the cd´s version. With jamiroquai this doesn't happen because they are so good musicians.....

  • The concert in BARCELONA:

    I had been waiting for two years to see them in a concert, when I realised they came to Barcelona . I was really excited about this, At least!! face to face with them !Two years ago I could ´t see them in a tree hours amazing concert. They had to come the 30th of November an play at the sala Zeleste. 3000 tickets , I bought it a month before and went home faster than a Stuart rift to avoid the possibility of someone stole it me. It was the number......hey the door man brooked it! it was so nice...! well number between 300 and 400. When I arrived home I kept it at inside The return of the space cowboy cd (I didn't want to lose it !)

    At least the day arrived, hour 22:00 pm, place, the Olympic pavilion de la Vall d´Hebron, the organisation had to change the place because two weeks before, the tickets where exhausted, 3000 tickets more where sold, some people paid 100$ for a ticket, I paid 20$. At 22:00pm someone turned off the light, (screams!!) It was sounding good drum n´bass and jungle , a laser beam was drawing the buffalo man at the roof, the atmosphere was really nice. At 22:30 a man with few hair came out to the stage and said: "ladies and gentlemen JAMIROQUAI" then the crowd screamed again and the band left, but not jk, they started playing hooked up and in some seconds Jay came out with a big jump to the stage, now The crowd exploded, with jumps screams, anything! . I was at the middle of the field, I hardly could see them the legs, I tough I would have enough time to get the firsts rows, cose the last concert was 3 hours long. After hooked up, they did a surprising Slipin´n´Slidin jay singing version. I spent the time dancing and singing. sometimes Jay said:" BARCELONA" with a Bugs bunny voice , he said it was funny to pronounce it, He said after hooked up, he had heard that was easy to get marijuana in Barcelona, the crowd leafed, someone from the firs row offered him a special cigar (man I don't know the way to say this in English! is it a J O I N T? And he said: "oh no, I can't , the organisation don't let me smoke, but you have control, I don't want that anybody die tonight!". Before play Cosmic girl he asked for the cosmic girls there in the place, This time who screamed where the girls.

    The sound was better than I hoped, (I tough that a pavilion is not the perfect place to play), really powerful an clear, The sound of the Stuart´s bass was so powerful....!. Song by song I was able to get positions and be more near them, Jay told us he had loosed his driving license , we all say an oooooh , "but don't worry because filming the video of cosmic girl in Almería, you know Barcelona, Tarragona (my town!!) ....Almería, yes there, we could cut some roads for me, and ......., then he began making a car sound and DJ D-zire played the intro. sound of the jay´s diablo from Travelling without moving, The background was lighted on, and we could see the buffalo man, and a ferrari in a Mountain road. I can't remember if it was the last song but, when they stopped, I could stay at 15 meters of the stage, then, after we all whistle , and made noise with the feet, they returned, Jay said that , we were a very good crowd and that they would bring us two more songs, Too young to die, really amazing version, and a totally different version of cosmic girl (not a Morales mix). I was so near.... ! ! now I culd feel them!.

    < p>When they went away I was really confused, Where should they be now? how can I get that place?, I was paralysed .I was thinking in some idiot sony boss or a boy with a pass got in a contest , I wanted to talk with them, 1000 times more than anybody there present! even I had prepared some phrases to tell them in English!. Also I went to the first row waiting some of them, and then I had a lucky experience: special Xperience click on me!

  • The great comparison:

    I like compare what I felt at the end with this: Imagine you are enloved with a girl, which one you have never seen, you just meet her at a chat room or via e-mail, you can't visit her cose she's always changing her home an it's always far. Someday, you realise that she's gonna come your town. You go to see her, but there you find 5999 guys more like you who want to meet her, hey there she is!, but when you're gonna see her, you realise she's behind an enormous glass, you can see her, but she can't the see you, there are so many people..., and the glass is a mirror in her side. After an hour n´ a half she goes, an there you are hooked up, she's so beautiful! and You (I) will never kiss her!!! ohhh really nice!

    Edu Moratinos mail-me!

    The return....