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Weather Services, Simply Better.

MetDesk delivers bespoke solutions to weather sensitive industries.
Utilising market leading forecast techniques incorporating data from a range of the recognised global outlets, including ECMWF and the UK Met Office, we offer the most comprehensive range of application-specific forecast services available today.

If weather matters to your business we can help.

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our range of unique market solutions, unrivalled speed of data delivery and completely flexible approach to working with each of our customers ensures that they stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Handing the power back to you

MetDesk offers the fastest, most creative and flexible range of weather services available to energy traders today.

Speed of data access for the latest global datasets and control over how relevant information is presented is absolutely essential for energy traders. MetDesk offers a range of unique services for energy traders worldwide providing a highly detailed yet customisable service. Whether you are a Meteorologist, Trader, Risk / Fund Manager we have the tools to provide you the edge. Key features include:

  • The fastest delivery of model data from a range of outlets including ECMWF and GFS, in a format that you decide
  • A MetDesk hosted framework for you to tailor what weather information you wish to see, and how it is presented. You have total control and can actually visualise datasets as they are issued
  • Access to data for anywhere in the World – you decide

We are so confident that our customers enjoy access to the most comprehensive range of data, presented in the most flexible working environment, that we are very happy to offer a FREE service trial in order to see how we can help you. Simply contact us.

Our Products & Services


  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Operations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar Climatologies


  • Highways
  • Rail


  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Event Management


  • Online
  • Home and Dry App [see below]
  • Snow App

What makes us tick..?

At MetDesk we understand that one size does not fit all. We work with each of our customers in order to deliver products and services which are built around individual requirements. Significantly, our experience and system architecture ensure not only unrivalled service resilience but also the fastest delivery of key datasets for a range of applications. If accuracy, service reliability and timely delivery are critical to your business we can provide you with the competitive edge.

So, what does this all mean for our customers? Well, we are able to concentrate our efforts on delivering relevant customer-specific services backed-up by expert meteorological and commercial support all day, every day.

Home and Dry App

UK precipitation
Local precipitation

Radar shows exactly where and how hard it is raining across the UK. Radar images in Home and Dry are at a 1 km resolution and at 5 minute intervals, which is the highest quality available in any app or on the internet. Use the observed radar and the forecast radar to understand exactly where the rain is, and where it is going relative to where you are. You should be able to see at what time it is either going to rain, or when it is going to stop raining.

Check the radar before you need to go out so you can either adjust your timings to avoid getting soaked, or use the radar to be prepared and take an umbrella or coat with you.

You can use Home and Dry for every trip outdoors, be it the school run, the commute to work, a walk in the park, watching football, going for a cycle, mowing the lawn, simply anything.

Sometimes you can avoid the rain, sometimes you can’t. But at least with Home and Dry you can know when it is going to rain and plan accordingly.

5 minute, 1km rain radar.
The highest quality radar available in any app or on the internet!

MetDesk Icon The latest rain radar info animated at 5 minute intervals for the previous 2 hours overlaid on a full pan and zoomable Google map.

MetDesk Icon Forecast rain radar for the next two hours ahead.

MetDesk Icon Location specific – the app automatically recognises your location and can present localised weather information for you.

MetDesk Icon Featured locations – Points of interest are highlighted with map markers, such as football, rugby and cricket clubs, motor racing circuits, horse racing racecourses and championship tennis clubs.

MetDesk Icon Animated forecast maps – Available for the next 7 days in UK and Europe and display Rainfall, Temperature, Weather Symbols, Cloud Cover, Wind, and the Jet Stream.

MetDesk Icon Universal App available for iOS7 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

MetDesk Icon Easily share content – Any of the app content can be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage and even to your Camera Roll. Our twitter page @metdesk is where we put interesting weather events as they happen and you can add your own pictures and comments.

MetDesk Cricket Radar
MetDesk on Twitter

London Visitors

London Visitors

London Visitors is a monthly must-have for independent travellers to London who create their own tailor-made itinerary – an invaluable FREE guide to what to see and do, where to eat, and how to get there. We carry specially researched features, informed reviews, and extensive listings in categories such as Sightseeing, Theatre, Music and Dance, Museums, Dining, and Days Out – plus a monthly What’s On in Brighton: the gem of the south coast and under an hour from mainline train stations. Listings have a cross reference to our A-Z map and tube map, making it very easy to use.

London Visitors Magazine
The Penthouse,
Bank Chambers,
185 Wardour Street,
London W1F 8WU.
Telephone: 020 7434 0421.

We reach more than 200,000 readers every month.

You can make informed decisions based on the advertising and editorial available in this free guide.

Pick up a copy at your hotel or visit us online at


Where to Get Your Copy

  • Pre arrival
    • Via British Embassies and Consulates in 24 Countries worldwide
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    • 420 Hotels via Concierge Desks
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    • Transport For London Information Centres (Heathrow Airport, Victoria, Kings Cross, Paddington, Euston)
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    • Selected Tour Operators, Guide Travel and A and A Travel

Editor Vicky Huntley writes in the July 2016 edition:


Welcome to the July issue of London Visitors.

We’ll admit, there have been times of late when we have despaired of seeing the sun for prolonged periods (hopefully it’s all change this month!) so with under-cover attractions in mind, we’ve sourced three of the major exhibitions in the Capital this month – including Shakespeare in Ten Acts at the British Library. The vintage black and white portrait of actress Vivien Leigh on the cover sets the scene. (Page 6.)

English Heritage manages some of the country’s most famous historic houses and gardens, many of which are right here on our doorstep. You’ll find the at-a-glance guide on pages 44 and 45.

It’s time to introduce the kids to the magical world of live performance! Turn to page 20 for full details on Kids Week and how to access free tickets for more than 35 top shows such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Impossible.

Kew Gardens invites us to step inside The Hive – an extraordinary award-winning 17 metre-high installation that gives us a unique insight into the world of the honeybee and the challenges it faces. (Page 34.)

Fans of Hollywood great Olivia de Havilland have a treat lined up at BFI Southbank in July. The BFI pays tribute to this celebrated feminist trailblazer, who turns 100 this month, with a special season of her films. (Page 41.)

And where will I be? Refreshing my memory of one of the English Heritage properties in London. Maybe I’ll start with Kenwood – a longtime favourite.

Vicky Huntley



You can find all the information you need in one place:

London Theatreland hosts the best of Shakespeare, innovative dramas and blockbuster musicals.
London’s world-famous auditoria are home to the best opera, ballet, modern dance and classical music.
London has the world’s greatest collection of inspiring exhibitions and grand cultural spaces.
From landmark buildings to obscure curios, London is a treasure trove of top sights to enjoy.
From legendary department stores to specialist shops, London is a mecca for retail therapy.
If you want to take a break from the capital, many great cities are within easy reach.
Several pages are allocated to what’s on in this seaside resort town. Only an hour south of London by train, it’s a popular day-trip destination. Its broad shingle beach is backed by amusement arcades and Regency-era buildings. The town is also known for its nightlife, arts scene, shopping and festivals.
London is very accessible and easy to navigate especially with our street map and underground plan.
With more than 7,000 restaurants and 80 different cuisines, you can dine your way around the world in London.
Each month’s edition has several special features relating to the time of year; so the winter holiday edition tells of London’s Festive Wonderland (what to do and see over Christmas and New Year).

All reviews that appear in London Visitors Magazine are professional, independent endorsements. We want you to enjoy your experience so if we don’t like something we won’t write a review.

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