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An update! (On Valentine's Day)♡


Hello! Emika back here!
I hope you had lots of chocolate today
(You know? In Japan girls give chocolate to boys... and some girls too... So here goes my chocolate update to you!)
After a bumpy start it seems that the web runs smooth and perfect.
I'm happy to say that the Japanese 日本語 version is on the way! (You can practice your Japanese skills there too!).
And also my team has updated some info regarding the photobooks. Now... Yes! We ship to all the world!

Happy Valentine's to everyone!
14 Feb. 2019

Emika Kamieda Photobook 'Wasabi' Worldwide Release

Hi! Emika here!
I am glad to announce that Wasabi ~わさび~ my first Photobook has already been released. The copies are limited so make sure you get yours before they run out. If you want one, you can purchase it right here and I'll personally make sure you get it.

I hope you really like all the pictures (taken not only in Japan, but also in Spain) and I would really appreciate all your support from now on too!

9 Feb. 2019


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