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Back to basics. A space shooter extravaganza made exclusively by numbers and letters, featuring the vicious PI alien (see image), which I'm told is a number as well, and an irrational one at that. They are all ruthless and in strict low res.

Absolutely no pixel is ever written to the screen during the game. Silly as it seems the reason behind this is that I just wanted to get something done quick and dirty in order to keep my mind off other exhausting projects I was into at the time. Didn't want to do any graphics at all, being such a time consuming task when done properly, so I came up with the idea of porting a game I used to play on a scientific calculator back in the early eighties, which consisted of killing waves of numbers coming at you at an increasing pace. It was good fun at the time. Honest.

Credit where credit's due. Sound engine and effects by MK2, the Square Wave Pusher Extraordinarie. Check out his work at Futuremare.

Hardcore gamer T.Brazil also helped with the testing. Thanks.

Download Alien 99 (English)

Download Alien 99 (Espaņol)

Senseless violence on the GBC. Again. Player must seek and destroy everything on sight, whatever it is. Think of androids, ruthless flying robots and mechanized walkers, seeker missiles, power-ups and full-screen explosions, all at once.

This one was originally meant to be a full blown project with proper missions and targets to accomplish. Unfortunately it ended up as a single stage game due to lack of time as I wanted to meet the deadline for the Y2Kode compo. That meant less than 3 weeks to get things going and come up with something remotely playable. Still, nearly all the main features made it into the release version. Except for the playability, that is.

And now for some self-indulgent, technical gibberish... the GB cpu is pushed to its limits on this one, as I built the visuals around a copper-like engine that would allow me to perform every single trick I could come up with. This included colour, sprites and window tweaking and reuse, as well as transparency and full-screen, animated (in a loose sense) explosions. Please note that these tricks look much better on the real hardware because of the higher persistence of LCD screens, so avoid emulators if at all possible.

I would have loved to develop this one further, adding new scenarios and improving the FX, but chances now are close to nil. Though the results do pay for the massive effort, backgrounds must be actually coded and colour changes sync'ed almost scan by scan, which is a real pain in the behind. Must have been on crack or something back in those days.

Download Stalker

The city drains are well known hideouts for vicious and bizarre creatures of the underworld. Your aim is to sweep clean the whole drain system before this crawling plague gets out of control.

Some of the rooms have been locked for ages, so you'll have to find the right key to gain access and fight the creepy creatures awaiting inside. Once you've finished them all you'll be rewarded with something useful that will help you on your quest.

My first action game on the GBC ever, vaguely reminding of Atic Atac (or not that vaguely, as most people kindly pointed out)... comparison which I presume is a good thing.. and a fair one as well, if only for the doors randomly opening and closing on their own and roaming baddies popping up from nowhere. Oh, and there are keys to collect as well. No chicken-o-meter, though.

In case anyone cares.. this is Rev 2, which fixes a bug that prevented the player from entering the final locked room and thus ending the game. Several rom sites are still hosting both the original and fixed releases. Can't think of a reason why.

Download Drains

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