Are you planning holidays anywhere? Perhaps there is an island near the area !

Since I discovered Google Earth, I found it would be interesting and useful to see where the islands are exactly located, in order to promote island expeditions.

Here is the list of KMZ files that some friends and I have been working on recently. This lists are uncompleted, because some islands are hard to find without good maps, therefore it is expected to grow every time, and if you have the time to contribute on making this project bigger, please send me your kmz files. Try to follow the same format as most of the islands have, otherwise it would be a mess.

Format: Title: Name of the island  Comments: IOTA reference and Local references.

Any help/contribution from you will always be much much appreciated.

(To download the files you must right click and Save target as...)

IOTA GROUPS Info from RSGB IOTA website.
ITALIA Last update: 23/06/08 TNX Eric
BRASIL Last update: 17/03/08
GERMANY Last update: 17/03/08
FRANCE Last update: 17/03/08 Info from IR FR, TNX!
HOLLAND Last update: 12/05/08
JAMAICA Last update: 10/05/08
ENGLAND Last update: 17/03/08 TNX Daz
IRELANDLast update: 11/05/08
SPAIN Includes Canary islands, Baleares and Ceuta & Melilla   Last update:22/06/09
PORTUGALLast update: 16/05/08 (Only IOTA referenced islands)
DENMARK Last update: 17/03/08 TNX John
FAROE Last update: 17/03/08 TNX Niko
CRETELast update: 11/05/08 TNX John
LIBYALast update: 27/12/08
CORSICALast update: 19/06/08 TNX Eric
SCOTLAND Last update: 17/03/08
MADAGASCAR Last update: 17/03/08 TNX Ludo
CAPE VERDE Last update: 17/03/08 TNX Niko
SAO TOME Last update: 17/03/08
ALBANIA Last update: 17/03/08
MONTENEGRO Last update: 17/03/08