Cat angel in Heaven

May 4, 2013 Fum passed away. Veterinarians could not save him from a renal obstruction (feline urologic syndrome - FUS).  Fum deeply enjoyed in the country during his three years of life (should equal to 28 years for humans)

This page has been, since its beginning, a place of joy and will go on being so. Most of us, followers, have understood the love and friendship example that Fum and Gebra have been giving us.

Their message is our most rich legacy. They have been able to show us, humans, that love and friendship are the most valuable treasures we can get. Fum and Gebra told this story their way, as if they were telling a tale.

Our loved ones go away, we know that every life has its beginning and its end, but also it’s true that real essences are immortals. All those who face their lives with courage and bravery are deeply wishing their light will survive.  Fum and Gebra’s example has been so touching for our souls that will remain in our hearts forever.

Though somebody thought that Fum could have injured Gebra, he was always most respectful with her. We feel he loved her. Now Gebra will fly higher and higher to reach with her feathers’ caresses his friend Fum, who is in heaven.

We thank you all for your support and fondness in these difficult moments. Hope you will understand we’ll keep silence during some time. Fum fully reached his goal, he taught us a most important lesson, maybe it was the time for him to die.

Some day we will return, together, to the valley of the flowery almond trees.