Wayne Meeks is the Woolsey Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies. In 1995, his colleagues honored him with a festschrift, "The Social World of the First Christians, Essays in Honor of Wayne A. Meeks," edited by L. Michael White and O. Larry Yarbrough. He was named a corresponding fellow of the British Academy in 1992, and was granted an honorary doctorate in theology from the University of Uppsala in 1990. His books include "The Origins of Christian Morality: The First Two Centuries," "The Moral World of the First Christians" and "The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul," which has been published in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Portuguese, and won the Biblical Archaeology Review Award for Best Book on the New Testament as well as the American Academy of Religion Award for Excellence.

Wayne Meeks

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Robert L. Wilken, Ph.D. (University of Chicago), William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor; Early Christian History. 434-924-6709, email: Wilken@virginia.edu (UVa instructor ID # 2927) Early and medieval Christian history and thought; Byzantine Christianity; history of biblical interpretation; early Christian ethics; Eastern Christianity; Christianity and Islam; Augustine

Robert L. Wilken