Translate: A web server utility that translates
a set of DNA sequences.

created by Dr. Santi Garcia-Vallvé (March 2002).
Evolutionary Genomics Group. Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department.
Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). Tarragona. Spain.

Use this program to translate a set of DNA sequences and obtain the proteins encoded, the %G+C, the Codon usage, the amino acid composition or the RSCU values.

Paste the DNA sequences in fasta format (The line that begins with the ">" character will be the identifier line. See an example). If you have any problem pasting a big group of items, try again using another www navigator.

Choose the Genetic Code:
Standard Genetic Code    Mycoplasma Genetic Code

Choose the output:
Protein sequences    length, positional %G+C and total %G+C    Codon usage (per thousand)   
% of Amino acid composition    RSCU values   
from the RSCU values construct a Dendrogram using the UPGMA algorithm   

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