My HONDA XL 600 V TRANSALP's J&J muffler

by Josep M.

Hello. Back in October 1997 I purchased a brand new Honda Transalp, this very bike.

By the end of 2001, it was clear that the original silencer had a short life left. It had had one of the end pipes welded, sound was not normal and there was a steady supply of carbon from somewhere onto the rear caliper.
My friend Joan heard me comment this, and to my surprise and astonishment, he said "I'll make you one".
I started to gather information from here and there. I got a couple of pictures of two commercial mufflers internals, I talked to Josep Codina of SoloMoto30 (this guy knows a whole lotta things about bikes) and I contacted Per Oehl (the maker of the self-constructed muffler mentioned in Deti's site).
Then, Joan and I sat down to decide the final design. It had to be easy to make, in the sense that no fancy shaped piece was to be used. All had to be feasible from raw available materials he had in his workshop (stainless steel plate and pipe), operations on them should not be more complicated than welding.

After a few sessions done after his work, my new oval 100% stainless steel J&J muffler was made and installed. And it worked! My gratitude to Joan in the first place, who put the skills, time and effort; and to his bosses as well (these guys are the inventors of the unique Lavakan, a washing tunnel for dogs!), who were happy to let us use their materials and tools. Thanks a lot!

Go to the bottom for more technical details.
Here are the pictures. Click on any to double size.

Components in a mid stage.
Joan, ready for work
Joan at work
Components in a later stage.
Hey, are you gonna shoot me? :-)
The silencer, ready for a final polish and installation.
A "clean" righthand side of the bike.
This way, the bike sounded like certain US hogs :-) .
Full view after polishing and installing.
Another, closer, view. Includes Pyrennaic mud :-)
Side looks.

Some technical details: