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Papers on translator training


For a sociology of translator training (2017)

Teaching translation in a multilingual practicum (2016)

European Masters in Translation. A comparative study (2016)

Where Translation Studies lost the plot: relations with language teaching (2016)

A typology of translation solution types (2016)

The pedagogical value of translation solution types, with Esther Torres-Simón, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology. 23(1): 89-106 (2015). DOI: 10.1080/0907676X.2014.928334. Download print version here.

Getting it right, forever? Deconstructing a professional discourse on the role of translators (2016)

Merkel responds to Reem: What we should be training mediators for (2016)

Designing a course in Translation Studies to respond to students’ questions, with Esther Torres-Simón. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer (2016) DOI: 10.1080/1750399X.2016.1198179

Localization, training, and instrumentalization (2013)

Translation skill-sets in a machine-translation age (2012)

Aspects of translation education. An interview with Professor Anthony Pym, Yanchun, Feng Quangong & Wang Shaoshuang. Guang Yi: Lingual, Literary and Cultural Translation 6 (2012): 201-220.

"I train translators", Interview by Esmaeil Haddadian Moghaddam, Motarjem (Iranian journal of translation), 18 (48): 131-139.

Using process studies in translator training: self-discovery through lousy experiments (2009) S. Göpferich, F. Alves & I. M. Mees (eds) Methodology, Technology and Innovation in Translation Process Research, Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur. 135-156.

Translator training (2009). Draft for the Oxford Companion to Translation Studies.

European Masters in Translation – possible contributions from research (2009). Presentation to the first meeting of the EMT, December 2009.

In Search of a New Rationale for the Prose Translation Class at University Level, Interface (Belgium) 6/2 (1992), 73-82.

On a proposed European Masters in Translation (2008)

"Professional corpora": Teaching strategies for work with online documentation, translation memories, and content management (2007)

Translation technology and training for intercultural dialogue: What to do when your translation memory won't talk with you. Paper delivered to the Ecolotrain workshop, Ljubljana. 31 August - 1 September 2007.

Eppure...; A Reply to Federica Scarpa's Reply. Paper written following the conference Tradurre: professione e formazion, Università di Padova, Italy, 6-8 April de 2006, in response to Federica Scarpa's paper "Some Issues in Specialist-Translator Training: A Reply to Anthony Pym", which was a response to the paper "Training translators - ten recurrent naiveties" (2005).

Training translators - ten recurrent naiveties (2005)

Asymmetries in the Teaching of Translation Technology (2006)

Technology and Translation. A Pedagogical Overview. With José Ramón Biau (2006)

Localization, training, and the threat of fragmentation (2006)

La formación de la comunidad en dos cursos virtuales: un estudio comparativo. Carmina Fallada Pouget, José Ramón Biau Gil, Anthony Pym, Mar Gutiérrez-Colón Plana. (2005)

Communicative efficiency and personalization in email language in an online learning environment (working paper, 2004). PDF here.

Las memorias de traducción y el olvido del traductor. Apuntes para la pedagogía de un avance tecnológico imperfecto. With José Ramón Biau Gil. 2003.

Redefining translation competence in an electronic age. In defence of a minimalist approach (2002)
Published version (Meta 2003) here.

El aprendijaze virtual y la formacion de traductores (2002)

Translator Training: A Global Overview (2002)

Training Language Service Providers: Local Knowledge in Institutional Contexts (2002)

Trial, Error and Experimentation in the Training of Translation Teachers

To localize and humanize... On academics and translation

E-Learning and Translator Training (2001)

On the Distance in Distance Learning (2000) 

Learner-Centered Distance Education: a literature review of the ‘no difference’ phenomenon (with Carmina Fallada, 2000)

Globalization and Segmented Language Services (1999/2000). 

Translator-Training Institutions, with Monique Caminade, Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, Ed. Mona Baker, London & New York: Routledge, 1998, 280-285.

Translator Training: University Programmes. An International Comparison. Article written for the De Gruyter Handbuch in 1997.

Localizing Localization in Translator-Training Curricula (paper presented to a conference in Antwerp, 1999)

Training Translators and European Unification: A Model of the Market (A talk presented to the European Commission's Translation Service "Theory Meets Practice" forum, 12-14 April 2000)

Programmes européens pour les échanges d'étudiants et réforme de l'enseignement de la traduction au niveau universitaire en Espagne: rapport sur une enquête pilote menée à Barcelone et à Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (unpublished text, 1992) 

On the Market as a Factor in the Training of Translators, Koiné 3 (1993), 109-121. 

Market-Based Arguments Against the Market as a Direct Factor in the Training of Translators, Journal of the Association of Slovak Anglicists 2/2 (1993), 7-11.

Ideologies of the Expert in Discourses on Translator Training, Problems and Trends in the Teaching of Interpreting and Translation (= Koinè Anno IV), Ed. Mary Snell-Hornby & Yves Gambier, Misano: Istituto San Pellegrino, 1996, 139-149.

La enseñanza de la traducción y la teoría autoritaria de Peter Newmark, El Guinigada (Universidad de Las Palmas) 2 (1992), 305-318. 

Translation Error Analysis and the Interface with Language Teaching, The Teaching of Translation, Ed. Cay Dollerup & Anne Loddegaard, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1992, 279-288.  

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