Anthony Pym

Online papers on intercultures and inculturation

Translator associations – from gatekeepers to communities (2013)

Voice in the Persian Hajji Baba, with Esmaeil Haddadian Moghaddam (2012)

On inculturation (2011)

Academic justification for Liturgiam authenticam? (2011)

Cross-cultural networking: Translators in the French-German network of petites revues at the end of the nineteenth century (2007)

Globalization and the Politics of Translation Studies. Paper presented to the CATS conference in Halifax, Canada, in 2003.

Globalization and Segmented Language Services (1999/2000). 

Translations from Spanish and Portuguese into English, 1790-1900. (Draft prepared for the Oxford History of Translation into English. Comments would be much appreciated. The corpus can be seen here.)

Al-Andalus Within Modern Spain. Notes on a Problematic Interdisciplinarity. A lecture delivered at the American University of Sharjah, February 2003.

Schleiermacher and the Problem of Blendlinge. First published in Translation and Literature 4/1 (1995), 5-30.

Intercultures and the Interface with National Culture (2002)

On Translator History, interview published in John Milton, ed. Emerging Views on Translation History in Brazil, special issue of Crop 6 (Universidade de Sao Paulo), 2001, 273-284.

Interculturality in French-German Translation History. Logics of the Excluded Third, Blickwinkel. Kulturelle Optik und interkulturelle Gegenstandskonstitution, Ed. Alois Wierlacher & Georg Stötzel. Munich: Iudicium, 1996. 933-945. Revised 2007.[doc file here]

Alternatives to Borders in Translation Theory (1993), now published in Susan Petrilli, ed, Translation Translation. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, 2003. 451-463.

Benjamin at the Border. Unpublished paper, January 1999. PDF version here

Resplendent Catalan (What Money Can Buy?) The Linguist 38/3 (1999). 80-82.

Open letter on hybrids and translation (1996)

Strategies of the Frontier in fin de siècle Australia, Comparative Literature 48/1 (1996), 19-38.

The Price of Alfonso X's Wisdom, The Medieval Translator / Traduire au Moyen Age 5, Ed. Roger Ellis & René Tixier, Turnhout: Brepols, 1996, 448-467.

The Meaning of 'Life' in European Aesthetics at the End of the Nineteenth Century, with Implications for a Useful Definition of Modernism, The Turn of the Century. Modernism and Modernity in Literature and the Arts, Ed. Christian Berg, Frank Durieux, Geert Lernout, Berlín, Nueva York: De Gruyter, 1995, 353-362.

The Historical Failure of Brotherhood in International Cultural Regimes, History of European Ideas 16/1-3 (1993), 120-130..

The Problem of Sovereignty in Regimes of European Literature Transfer, New Comparison 15 (1993), 137-146. 

Les notions de réseau et de régime en relations littéraires internationales, L'Internationalité littéraire, Ed. Anthony Pym, Paris-Barcelona: Noesis, 1988, 5-21. 

Histoires vraies, Noir, Ed. Charles Grivel, Paris-Barcelona: Noesis, 1988, 155-163

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