Control de l'angle de la pala / Blade Pitch Control

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Control del pas de la pala / Blade Pitch Control

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Control del pas de la pala / Blade Pitch Control

Control del pas de la pala / Blade Pitch Control

Blade pitch control is the system which monitors and adjusts the inclination angle of the blades and thus controls the rotation speed of the blades. At lower wind speeds, the pitching system leads to an acceleration of the hub rotation speed, while at higher speeds, blade pitch control reduces the wind load on the blades and structure of the turbine. Over a certain wind speed the blade pitch control starts to rotate the blades out of the wind, thereby slowing and stopping the blades to avoid complete damage.

Blade Pitch Control


Electric Blade Pitch Control Solutions

Moog is a leading supplier of both servodrives and tailored systems for electric blade pitch control in wind turbine applications. With more than 7,500 units in operation around the world, Moog is your competent partner for reliable electric blade pitch control.

Hydraulic Blade Pitch Control Solutions

Moog’s hydraulic blade pitch control system features a specifically-designed servovalve with built-in intelligence and digital communication to improve performance, enhance remote diagnostics and provide greater process control all in one unique device.

Individual Pitch Control

The current development trend is towards larger, higher power, wind turbines, in order to reduce the ultimate generating cost per kWh. Increasing wind turbine size implies larger rotor diameters and rotor sweep areas. This results in a less uniform wind field over the swept area which imparts uneven loads on the blades, drive shaft and turbine structure. These uneven loads increase component wear, reduce efficiency and increase the amount of maintenance downtime required. Individual pitch control helps address these issues and provides accurate, real-time load information from each blade.