Development Porjects.

3D Printed Apps.

Router Laser CNC.

AC Generator Simulation.

Renewable Energies.

Solar Battery Charger.

Motor TermoMagnético Solar.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

Sustenable Transportation.

Magnetic Fuel Saver and Others.


Python Scripts for Android.


Simple Efficient Useful Technologies.

Our Mission.

The purpose of the creation of this site, is to promotion Simple, Useful and Efficient Technologies and applications that let's obtain a More Free Live. Freedom that is not possible without more respect to ourself and to our planet earth.

Do you know the danger of Nuclear Energy and Pollution of Burning Fuels. By this, we need begin to show more respect to our planet earth and to ourself. Reduce as possible the use Nuclear Energy and Burning Fosil Fuels.

To live with dignity, we need change to use the Renewable Energies, as the Sun, the Wind and More.

Sustenable Energy Sources.

Wind Power Generators. This is the most interesting of the sustenable energies sources that I know.

Sustenable Transportation.

When we want to show more respect to our planet and life, we need reduce the contamination production as possible. Here do you have some ways to do it.

Magnetic Fuel Saver and Other Fuel Savers. How to use permanent magnets to obtain more power and fuel consume reduction in your vehicle and general burners, by improving liquid fuel combustion.

ElectroMagnetism and Renewable Energies.

Another way to show more respect to our planer earth, is the use of electricity obtained by renewable means ( Sun, Wind or BioDiesel ). In this section I will try to show you the most insteresting ElectroMagnetic technologies to obtain a More Freedom Life.

Now, that we know more about the effects of Electricity and Magnetism over our Health, we can go to learn more about ElectroMagnetic Applications to design or redesign it safety, with benefit over our health and protection from the dangerous effects. The First step is going to design a more energy efficent transformers, electric generators, and motors to obatin a more economic and ecologic designs of wind powered electrical generators, and more efficent and sustenable vechicles.

The most important device for Energy Generation is the Electric Generator, this device is used in all techniques of electricalenergy generation, including nuclear, hidraulic, and wind. For this reason is very important our understanding of their working principles and the properties of ferromagnetic materials.

But we need start by coils, then go to a more complex device, magneticaly coupled coils, usualy named transformers, and then go to electric generators and loaded electric generators.

Simulation of Non Linear Inductor using Beige Bag Spice Software. Here do you have the model to obtain a quality simulation of a Non Linear Inductor, by saturation of magnetic material. I will try to show more details about this model and how to use it.

Simulation of Permanent Magnet AC Generator with FEMM, and Lua Script. How to create a 2D Finite Element Animation, Simulation of Open Circuit Voltage of a Permanent Magnet AC Generator, etc ...

Development Tools.

Red Pitaya from Command Line and Shell Scripts. In this webpage I will show you how you can use the your Red Pitaya from the command line and how to write simple Bash Scripts to do some tasks over LEDs, Slow Analog to Digital Converters, Slow Digital to Analog Converters and Digital Input/Outputs.

Digital Scope to SciLab. In this PDF document do you have a description of a method that let you load sampled data using a Hameg Digital Scope, into SciLab. Where we can manipulate this data with the other SciLab matrix manipulation functions. This will help us in analysis and development of our prototypes.

Sci2Vtk. A set of SciLab functions that let you save SciLab data in VTK files that you can visualize using the Free software named ParaView.

MatLab2Vtk. A set of MatLab functions that let you save MatLab data in VTK files that you can visualize using the Free software named ParaView.

Practical Applications.

3D Printing. A short list about what we ca do using a low cost 3D Printer./p>

Router Laser CNC. DiY. How to build a Router Laser CNC.

Reusing Fluorescent Ligth Tubes.( Only in Spanish ) The purpose of this porject is to study the reusing the fused fluorescent ligth tubes. As is possible that appliing 600 volts we can run fluorescent tubes that don't work with classic system.

Charging Batteries with Solar Energy. ( Only in Spanish ) In this page do you have a practical use of photovoltaic panels to charge batteries with the energry from the sun.

Self-Sufficient, Ecologic and Sustenable House.

This is the more important project in this site. A 100% Self-Sufficient House. But to do it, we need learn new subjects. From sustenable Electrical Energy Generation, to Permaculture.

Is NOT possible a life in Freedom when we worry about our needs ( food and house ) and to maintain it.

For this reason, in this section, we will try to use as well as possible, our knowings about how the natures works, to obtain all that we need to live in peace without external requirements. This is: food, water and a comfortable place.

"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."

Nikola Tesla

"Only from the alliance of the one, working with and through the other, are great things born."

Saint Exupery (tr.1948)

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