DiY. How to build a homemade Router Laser CNC.

In this page I will show you how I have build a Router Laser CNC using some part from old printers, a Epson Stylus 800 and another Epson Stylus Color II, (you can use your old printer).


We can start obtaining the X axis from the old printer. We will use the guide, the stepper and the bridge. We will mount the laser diode in the place of the ink cartridges.

We will not use the other parts, as control board, we need change it by another CNC control board with stepper drivers.

I have mounted it in a wood base.

General view of the device.

Transmission system for Y axis.

The first protortipe for the new CNC control board that controls 2 stepper motors and the power for the Laser Diode.

In this video you can see a wood engraving test using the software EMC2 in Ubuntu 8.04.

As I need refocus the laser each time I change the width of the material to engraing y have build Z axis for the Laser Diode, that let me change the focus high from the CNC software.

To build this new Z axis, I have used a CD Laser Head, where i have add my engraving laser, and changed the motor by a stepper.

Focus demonstration video by Z axis.

Here you can see the Z axis with the Laser Diode mounted un the bridge of an Epson Stylus Color II.

The guides of Y axis, 20 mm diámeter, in a wood base of 10 mm width, for the Stylus Color II bridge.

The guides with the X axis support ( bridge ).

Y Axis working using an stepper and a timing beld from and old HP printer.

X and Z axis mounted over Y axis, and new driver boards.

El conjunto provisional, a la espera de una nueva correa de transmisión más larga que permita aprovechar el recorrido de las guías, y de un nuevo motor que permita una mayor resolución y suavidad de movimiento.

Demonstation video working 3 Axis and and Laser Diode.

In the next picture, you can see the same router with 1W laser diode, a new wood table, a new stepper motor for Y axis with new beld for a more soft and accurate movement.

Router laser with 1W laser diode, examples of MDF engraving, and wood cut.

ElectroMagnetic Applications.