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Emika Kamieda's 1st Photobook is here and available WORLDWIDE.
You can get my Photobook and also sets of 5 special postcards (not pictures, but very cool postcards).

*Formulario en inglés. Para la versión en español pulsa aquí

1 Photobook - 20 €
1 Postcard set - 9 €
(The postcard sets include 5 different designs in quality finishing)
(PROMO ending soon!)

To SPAIN : 6€* (certified)
To EU : 11€* (certified)
REST OF THE WORLD:  16€ (certified)
*1 unit shipment rate SP/EU/WW. 2u (9/18/27€), 3u & 4u (11/27/43€). Tracked 3-10 days shipment. 
**For 5 or more, please contact us.

  1. Fill in the Google Form Sheet - Please, make sure to put all the correct information as well as choose how many Photobooks & Postcards you would like to purchase.
  2. Wait for our confirmation mail - Once we have received your order form, we will confirm the price (you have it also here so you can calculate). 
  3. Payment - We will send you an email with the payment procedures. Make sure to pay the exact quantity (Everybody loves money, but don't give us more or less. Just the amount is good).
  4. Shipment confirmation - After the payment is done, in a 2-3 day span of days, we will send the shipment confirmation mail.
  5. Wait for it... - (...dary!) Now it's your turn to let us know what you think and to share it on Instagram or other SNS!

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