ERNEST VALLHONRAT I LLURBA was born in Tarragona 23rd. August 1931 and was a businessman until his retirement in 1993. He has collaborated with various civic-cultural associations taking an active part. He was President of the Amateur Cinema Section of “La Salle” from 1966-76, of the C.I.M. (Mixed Integrated Centre) from 1971-76, of the Tarragona County Marketing Club from 1979-82, and Vice-President of the Casino of Tarragona from 1983-1999.


He has been a member of the Board of the Columbian Study Centre since the foundation in 1990.


He has had more than three hundred articles published in newspapers and specialist magazines and has collaborated in collective publications such as “Las Tertulias del Casino” (Tarragona 1989) and “Colom I el Mòn Català”(C.E.C. Rafael Dalmau, Editor Barcelona 1993)



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1.   The Colom-Colombo-Colón is the same family who came from Terra Rubra.

2.   Localization of Terra Ruja (in Latin “Terra Rubra”), a place known today as Il Porticciolo, to the northeast of the Island of Sardinia, near to Alghero (L’Arguer).

3.   The historically fraudulent ‘supposta’” Relazione” of Michelle de Cuneo in an effort to supplant the person of Miguel Ballester from Tarragona.

4.   Columbus’ stay in Tarragona on returning from his discovery of the New World, a fact that allows us to confirm 3rd. April 1493 as the date he was received by the Catholic Monarchs in Barcelona.

5.   Miguel Ballester, the first person to plant sugar cane in the Caribbean.



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