Centre of Studies of The Ebro's Battle was born thanks to the initiative of a group of people from Gandesa, interested in history, war documents and culture. They recovered damaged material from that period of time (25th July to 14th November, 1938). Throughout this period a sad and unfortunately well-known Battle of the Ebro took place, a part of the Spanish Civil War.

The main objective of this centre is to harness the knowledge of the history of our country, as well as protect its legacy and to present it, in an adapted form, to everybody in the world. In this way, we want young people to be able to learn these historical facts and, simultaneously, develop an intellect through the material that is exhibited inside.

The creation of this permanent exhibition is not something accidental. It was born in an important moment of our collective history, with so many tragedies everywhere in the world which made us think of our own. In any case, we have tried, with this exhibition, to give to a message of peace and concord between towns, and especially between the people of the world. The final message of the visit is: NEVER AGAIN!